To facilitate access to the COVID-19 service including the vaccination records, laboratory results, and verifies COVID-19 Digital Health Pass issued by the Thai Government within the Thailand vicinity. Morprom is an app of the Thai Ministry of Public Health which also serves as a point of contact from the Ministry of Public Health for vaccination-related information.

The App was created specifically for the COVID-19 response and only access the data collected to support COVID-19 efforts and epidemiological research in vaccination.

Use of the app is voluntary and does not require accessing the Thai COVID-19 related service.


Collected data.

To help the Thai Ministry of Public Health understand the current vaccination situation, vaccine effectiveness and to track the vaccine adverse effect under the Conditional Approval for Emergency Use of Medicinal Products AD 2012 of the Thai FDA and the Department of Disease Control Communicable Disease Act AD 2015. The app collects:

Your demographic data,
The citizen ID is especially important for the government to correctly matching and display vaccination records and laboratory results from the national database. Name, Last name, Gender, Prefix, and Phone number were collected for vaccination purposes to correctly identify the vaccination at the site. When you visit the vaccination site using this app. Phone numbers were collected for password restoration and allow our healthcare personnel to reach out for vaccination adverse event follow-up purposes only.
Address (Province, District, Subdistrict code) were collected to select the vaccination site within the area to make an appointment.
The ID behind your citizen ID card was input only to verify your identity with the Ministry of Interior database. We did not collect both data and were discarded them at the end of the process. This step is especially important to prevent identity fraud.
The COVID-19 Digital Health Pass verifier function uses the front camera to scan the QR code on the pass issued by the Thai Government and allows the user to verify the status of the Health Pass.
The verifier function only acts as a verifier and did not collect any information.
The application did not collect your location, phone contacts, or health sensors.

All collected data are similar to those collected at the vaccination site registration desk without application.

Sharing data

The collected were shared with the health care personnel for public health purposes. The data will not be shared for commercial purposes without your permission.
The data collected were to help us assess the vaccine effectiveness and adverse event to improve Thailand vaccine distribution and planning.

Other information

The use of personal data was subject to the Privacy Policy of Ministry of Public Health, AD 2013.

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